• Healing Crystals ~ Magical Antidotes from Womb of Mother Earth


by abhishek sharma on June 11, 2020

Anxiety is a very common problem, although it is not much talked about. Severe or chronic anxiety can have mild to server repercussions, when unchecked for a long time. Chronic anxiety is enough to cause serious health problems, although they can be countered with the right crystals that promote calmness and promote mental clarity to overcome the anxiety which results in panic attacks.

It is easy to buy chakra stones in India and at other locations, although the right stones must be used for the right purpose. Listed below are the five top stones that promote calmness and wellness, to ensure the utmost peace at all times.


This is one of the best choices when it comes to choosing stones for combating anxiety. The bloodstone can clear the mind of all stress, and also help with relaxation. The stone is the best choice when facing irreparable damage from grief. It is advised to keep the bloodstone under the pillow to battle against nightmares stemming from extreme anxiety and is usually successful at that.

Rose Quartz

The rose quartz is reputed crystal for promoting feelings warmth and love. If panic attacks are frequent, or severe and debilitating anxiety, even for less severe anxiety, the rose quartz healing crystals are one of the best stones to wear to promote calmness. Even during an attack, it surrounds one with warmth and love, enabling them to break out of the negative zone, successfully.


This is another fabulous stone to combat anxious behavior, especially for people who believe that anxiety has changed their lives, causing frustration; if the anxiety is extreme, and it makes one make decisions that are guided by their fear then this stone is one of the best solutions for improvements. It promotes self-awareness, which allows one to battle the anxiety, easier with less hassle.


While this is not the most popular gemstone, it is well known and is perfect for people who are too busy and do not indulge in self-care regularly. This stone gives clarity about the journey ahead, and shows the way forward, in terms of time management and overcoming anxiousness. Kyanite is commonly used during meditations to counter hot and frayed tempers and aid anger management.


This is another fabulous stone to fight anxiety; an elixir made from the stone can help combat the same. The elixir is made by topping a glass with water, and placing a coaster on the top of the glass; the moonstones can then be placed on top of the coaster, and the water may be drunk to combat the anxiety or panic attacks.

So whether it is amethyst healing stones or the healing touch of moonstone, healing crystals can help balance the mind and reduce the anxiousness, leading to panic attacks. Holding the stones in the palm, not just connect the stone to the heart chakra, it also balances the blood circulation, improving the quality of life. It can distract from difficult situations and traumatic events and promote wellness and hope.


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