• Healing Crystals ~ Magical Antidotes from Womb of Mother Earth

Glandular Disorders and Health (15)

Sodalite Tumbled Stones

Rs. 299.00Rs. 999.00

Aquamarine Bracelet

Rs. 849.00Rs. 1,895.00

White Agate Tumbled Stones

Rs. 299.00Rs. 999.00

Sodalite Bracelet

Rs. 849.00Rs. 1,999.00

White Agate Tumbled 3 Piece

Rs. 299.00Rs. 999.00

Sodalite Tumbled Runes

Rs. 799.00Rs. 2,199.00

White Agate Tumbled Rune Set

Rs. 699.00Rs. 999.00

Sodalite Pencil Wand 3 Inches

Rs. 699.00Rs. 999.00

Sodalite Buddha Head

Rs. 13,999.00Rs. 25,999.00