• Healing Crystals ~ Magical Antidotes from Womb of Mother Earth


by abhishek sharma on June 04, 2020

There are many stones and healing crystals available, and each has its purpose. For instance, lapis lazuli is used solely for the throat chakra, and to stimulate clairaudience; however, with the quartz crystal, known for its simplicity, may be programmed to enhance any type of metaphysical purpose through using the stones.

Clear quartz is stunning, and simple, with dazzling light reflections; the versatility of the clear quartz healing crystals, makes it as much sought after for the improved quality of life, no matter what the problems may be. Therefore, most crystal healers prefer to use it for rituals and meditations, while using their powers to program-specific stones to improve specific areas of life. Once this has been achieved, the clear quartz can be used to clear the programming, after it has accomplished its goals.

Enhancing and harnessing existent powers

As mentioned before, the clear quartz can be used to amplify the effects of any other stones that are paired with it. Therefore, for instance, one can wear rose quartz for calmness, enjoy protection with amethyst, go with citrine for stability and authority, and opt for diamonds for a better connection with the subconscious mind. All the effects of these stones can be further amplified by using clear quartz for the desired results. 

Seed of hope

All crystals are part of Mother Earth, which means that her divine energy is part of all the stones which have been used. To plant the seed for the future, during the new moon phases, the crystal should be placed in the palm during meditation; this time should be used to imagine the future, as one would like it to be, and take the wishful image to the heart and then the arms to the crystal. As the images become clearer, plant the crystal in the flower bed in the backyard, while thanking the Mother Earth for her assistance with gratitude. 

Spirit guides

Clear quartz can be used to communicate with the angels and the spirit guide, who can help by guiding one down the right path. The clear quartz can help manifest the deepest desires when used correctly.


The clichés images of a fortune teller with the crystal ball may well be overused, although not completely baseless. Although the clear quartz can help activate the third-eye chakras, it need not be through a crystal ball. It can also be with a crystal bowl full of water. To practice, stir the water and let the eyes get hazy, to see with full clarity, what is visible in the mind’s eye.

Sleeping with crystals

This is true for amethyst healing stones, which helps transmute negative energies and also activate the intuition while sleeping. Sleeping with the crystals under the mattress is common, and one can place seven crystals for the seven corresponding chakras, to clear and balance the energies for improve life. Clear quartz can be placed along with the seven stones, although it is possible to have restless and unfulfilled sleep. The stones should be cleared every three weeks before using them again.

There are many benefits of healing crystals in India and at other locations, as they can clear the mind, body, and soul of the negative influences and impact lives positively for the optimal quality of life. 


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