• Healing Crystals ~ Magical Antidotes from Womb of Mother Earth


by abhishek sharma on May 12, 2020

Many people think that stones can just only be used for making building materials for construction purposes and for making plant pots. The science and myth of stones is just not limited to the construction and decoration purpose but is beyond them.

Crystals are special kinds of stones whose molecular geometry is incredibly unique. The pattern that atoms and molecules follow inside a crystal to build it up is governed by the law of constancy of symmetry and law of constancy of the interfacial angle. These two laws define that the arrangement of molecules and atoms is constant in all directions in which the crystal extends and the angle between the two faces of the crystalline structured cell, millions of which makes up the crystal stone is constant.

As these crystals have a unique internal arrangement of atoms and molecules, therefore there are certain unique characteristics that these healing stones in India show. Many people will say that the fact that these stones are special is absurd, but they do not know the real science behind the fact that makes these crystalline solids unique. 

Six healing stones that bring positivity.

  1. Amazonite: This crystal helps in positive feelings and optimism in life. It makes us feel the real truth of life so that we can deal with the lies and outshone acts in life and can live with truth in a pure manner. This stone is also considered as one of the positive energy stone that brings intuition to life. It helps in raising the conscious mind and helps in realizing the truth of life.
  2. Amethyst: Amethyst healing stones are versatile in nature, and they are also known as all-purpose stones. These stones are very efficient in diminishing the negative energy around us. It makes us feel calm and brings love into our lives. This stone also regenerates body cells, improves mood and promotes the clarity of thought in culture.
  3. Ametrine: This stone is a combination of beautiful amethyst and citrine. This stone brings harmony to both the inner and outer body of a human. This stone helps us in relieving stress and brings joy to life.
  4.  Rose quartz: Rose quartz healing crystals supports the mind with unconditional love. It nurtures, soothes and comforts the state of mind and body with the resonance in the heart chakra.
  5. Citrine: This stone has a sunny disposition and spreads the positive energy in life that inspires the mind to be happy and joyous.
  6. Tiger’s eye: Tiger’s eye crystal brings positive energy to the mind that helps in dealing with challenging issues and make good decisions in life.

Actually, due to the unique internal atomic geometrical structure, these crystals are able to amplify the energy that passes through them in the form of light, sound, or any other form. The resonance of energy occurs in these stones, and thus they are able to spread positive energy all around.


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