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by abhishek sharma on July 02, 2020

We attract prosperity, wealth and abundance in our lives in several different ways. However, more often, we hold back our true power due to our wrong mindset and self-limiting beliefs. Most of the time, we do not realise the unlimited power we possess. As a result, we fail to acknowledge our true power. It is this limiting belief which greatly hampers our true progress. 

The right healing crystals can help one eliminate these mental and physical blockages and clear their path to greater abundance and wealth. The energy radiating from the healing crystals can boost the confidence of an individual to tackle and manage their endeavours profitably. 

Healing crystals will also help you overcome spiritual, energetic and emotional blockages, and lead a calm and fulfilling life. So, let us check out the amazing healing crystals for sale that manifest abundance, prosperity and money in your life. 


Chakra: Heart

Colour: Green

Origin: Nepal, India, Tibet, Russia, China, Brazil, Italy, Spain 

The Green Aventurine healing crystals are considered to help in reversing the unwise spending of money and bringing it back. While the stone would not do it directly — after all, the monetary decisions are an individual’s responsibility — it will positively influence the way you handle monetary opportunities. Its presence in your home will enable an aura of wise money-spending mentality around the house and will help you grasp opportunities that were earlier overlooked. 

As the name suggests, the Stone of Opportunity creates a path to prosperity. It combines the assurance and confidence gained from the healing of your heart with the timely opening of the doors of opportunity. 

Usage tips: Hold the green aventurine healing crystals above the Heart Chakra while meditating about prosperity, wealth and abundance. 


Chakra: Crown

Colour: ​Clear

Origin: Worldwide 

The clear quartz pyramid is a powerful crystal that immensely amplifies the energy. This crystal can be tuned or adjusted towards any intention you wish to hold, including money. Plus, the clear quartz pyramid crystal also becomes a wonderful source of amplified, positive energy when paired with other crystals. 

If you want to set a realistic financial objective, have a new business plan, or simply need to sort out your unpaid bills, clear quartz pyramid crystal will greatly help you create and maintain strong positive intentions towards the same. 

Usage tips: Put your money crystals in a bowl, then place the bowl in the wealth corner of your home. Finally, amplify the energy emitting out of the crystals by adding the clear quartz pyramid. 


Chakra: Solar Plexus

Colour: Gold/Yellow

Origin: North America, UK, Czech Republic, Sweden, Greece, Russia, Peru, Japan, Spain, South Africa, Australia 

Pyrite, better known as the ‘Fools Gold’, is a highly energetic brass mineral. Don’t get tricked by the name — it is not a foolish crystal. Rather, it is an energetic healing crystal that helps with abundance manifestation and prosperity. It has immense power to manifest wealth and affluence in your home.

Derived from the Greek word ‘pyr’, which means fire, the cubic structure perfectly resonates with the transcendent gold energy to attract money into your life. And it helps you transcend towards a better and wealthier future. Pyrite ignites the flames of persistence, courage and vitality, which is a wonderful way of energising the office.  

If you want to enhance your creative skills, attract more clients or simply wish to change your mind from ‘lack’ to ‘abundance’, then Pyrite is the best stone for you. 


Chakra: Solar Plexus and Crown Chakra

Colour: Yellow — ranges from honey to pale and even brown

Origin: USA, UK, Russia, Madagascar, France, Brazil 

Citrine, commonly termed as ‘The Lucky Merchant’s Stone’ is considered as the most potent crystal to manifest money. Citrine is mainly linked to the financial success of businesses. This amazing crystal helps to overcome the different roadblocks in earning money and helps you keep that wealth at home.  

Citrine will also influence an aura of sharing the wealth with the needful. By doing generous activities, you can create a circle of happiness and wealth, which will benefit you as well as the others who are receiving your generosity. 

The Lucky Merchant’s Stone will indeed amplify and expand your intentions of saving, making or spending your wealth wisely. This will attract more forethought when making difficult monetary decisions and fill you with abundance. 

Note: Natural Citrine is a rare crystal, and is difficult to find. Therefore, the amethyst crystal is heat-treated and sold in place of Citrine. 

Usage tips: Place the Citrine crystal in the money corner of your business or home to strengthen the financial intentions and vibrations. 

These amazing healing stones will help you attract abundance, prosperity and money into your life. You just need to opt for the right healing stone as per your feng shui, zodiac and chakras. If you are searching for healing crystals for sale, then you must visit Healing Crystals India today. 


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