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by abhishek sharma on March 13, 2020

Choosing a crystal that is best for you can be quite hard considering the huge amount of crystals that are available on the market. The healing stones come in various shapes, sizes, and each one has a different vibration. If a certain problem you are facing is physical, it can be healed with the help of the reiki crystals. You need to find a stone that best compliments your personality, and its vibrations are in tune with yours. The right crystal has the power to change your energy and also gives you energy.

Since there are too many crystals to choose. Usually, the best way to find the perfect crystal for you is to check if it works well with your zodiac sign. Your zodiac sign has a pretty big impact on your personality and your energy. Every zodiac sign has a crystal that compliments it and hence helps balance your overall energy in a very effective way.

buy healing crystals according to Zodiac sign

Following are a few stones that compliment and help your zodiac sign: -

ARIES: The crystals that best resonate with the Aries zodiac sign are – amethyst, citrine, and green aventurine healing crystals. These crystals in all promote your intentions and dreams, bring you clarity, help improve communication, and encourage success by eliminating fear.

TAURUS: With the Taurus zodiac sign, the crystals rose quartz, agate and citrine are found to resonate the most. These stones promote harmony, truth, unconditional love, self-love, friendship, self-esteem, personal growth, strength, optimism, inspiration, and the ability to control emotions. These stones also help your sign to open and purify the heart and dispel negativity.

GEMINI: Jasper, chrysocolla, and howlite are three stones that resonate best with Gemini. These stones attract support from your loved ones and help overcome ups and downs smoothly. They also encourage self-expression and help pull negativity out of your body.

CANCER: Stones that resonate best with Cancer personnel are moonstone, rose quartz, and carnelian. They help your free spirit, give additional energy, improve natural intuition, etc.

LEO: The crystals that best compliment the Leo zodiac sign are amethyst, tiger’s eye, and turquoise. These crystals enhance and support protection, memory, tranquility, natural intuition, and balance. They also repel anxiety, stress, and grief.

VIRGO: Amazonite, chrysocolla, and howlite work well with Virgos. They help with emotional issues, invoke calmness, helps in self-expression, and enhance patience and positivity. They also expel negativity.

LIBRA: The crystals that best compliment the sign Libra are citrine, moonstone, and jade. They inspire stability, prosperity, and success. These crystals also enhance energy flow, peace, and balance. They are also known to soothe anxiety and bring out the best.

SCORPIO: Labradorite, obsidian and turquoise compliment Scorpions very well. These crystals help enhance clarity, stability, strength, growth, and compassion. They also provide you with the protection and cleaning of your aura and guidance. 

SAGITTARIUS: Amethyst, Labradorite, and lapis lazuli reiki healing crystals work extremely well with the Sagittarius zodiac. They bring clarity, ground you, and promote better decision-making and self-awareness.

CAPRICORN: Stones that best compliment Capricorn are onyx, garnet, and tiger’s eye. They bring protection, good fortune, and vigor. They are also known to banish sadness and enhance self-control.

AQUARIUS: As an Aquarius, crystals that best resonate with you are garnet, moonstone, and amethyst healing crystals. They enhance energy levels and protect and improve memory, perception, and inspiration.

PISCES: When you buy healing crystals as a Pisces, you can buy amethyst, lapis lazuli, agate. They bring calm, peace, and promote self-esteem. They also stimulate the mind-enhancing clarity of thought.

You can buy healing crystals in a number of stores and online as well. These healing crystals can have a very positive impact on your overall energy.


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