• Healing Crystals ~ Magical Antidotes from Womb of Mother Earth


by abhishek sharma on May 06, 2020

Kids are full of energy all the time and are restless to explore anything that comes their way. The connection of healing crystals to the kids is unique in the same manner as kids and crystals separately are. Healing crystals are special types of stones that have unique internal atomic geometry that resonates with the energy that flows through them and at the same time calms the senses of the person to whom they are nearest.

Now, a general opinion arises that special healing crystals will be more suitable for adults and teenagers rather than kids since kids do not have much chaos and complexities in life. But in contrast to this belief, kids are actually the prime candidates to have the healing crystals. A child perceives almost everything close to him/her alive; they will act as their teddy bear is alive and will play in the same manner with them that makes them look alive. Kids are down to earth, and they are unaware of most of the bad means that adults employ in daily life. These special crystals help calm the kids in a situation of panic, anger, nervousness, or anxiety.

 How do crystals heal the children?

Crystals heal the kids in a similar manner as the adults. Kids go through a bunch of activities throughout the day from going to school to coming back from the playground. There are certain situations that kids usually encounter in their daily life such that make them being shy, nervous, fearful or angry. Mood swings are also common among children and to counteract these mood swings and acts the special gemstones or crystals help the children. 

  • Crystals help in calming the kids. Kids have a huge pond of energy that they continuously harness, and thus it becomes sometimes difficult for them to tune in the energy. Crystals like Amazonite and Howlite help kids in channelizing their energy and thus calm their senses.
  • Crystals help kids fight homesickness. Kids usually resist being away from home for a longer time, and therefore sometimes they feel alone in school. Negative energy tends to overcome their thoughts, and thus they feel low. Black tourmaline healing crystal helps the kids feel safe and secure and reduce their fear. This crystal also boosts the immune system and keeps the negative energy away.
  • Healing Crystals help the kids maintain good inner peace and health. Kids may find it difficult to sleep properly and comfortably due to a number of reasons. There are chances that their regular activities affect their sleep and dreams. Crystals like blue howlite tumbled stones help the kids enjoy a good nap to the fullest with positive energy all around.

Amethyst: The all-purpose stone

Amethyst crystal that serves all purposes. From maintaining the mental focus and emotional assistance to calming and promote healthy sleep amethyst crystal is helpful. Amethyst crystal online India can be ordered to help surround your kid with positive energy.

Apart from amethyst rose quartz healing crystal helps the kid uplift his will and develop unconditional love for self and others. It also helps in developing empathy and openness for others.


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