• Healing Crystals ~ Magical Antidotes from Womb of Mother Earth


by abhishek sharma on May 27, 2020

To understand the true meaning of Yin and Yang, it is important to understand that they are known to be the two forces of life, masculine and feminine energies. Each individual has a bit of both, which is not depending on gender.

A balance can only be achieved in life, if the opposing force is equal, and Yin and Yang have brought balance and harmony to people’s lives with many advantages and benefits with the right blend of healing crystals in India and at other locations.

 How can the balance be achieved?

 There are many ways to achieve the right balance, such as meditation, exercises, dancing. Gemstones, herbal aids, and aromatherapy can use to achieve the desired effect. Gemstones particularly are likely to balance Yin and Yang with the right energy flow.

Yin crystals

Yin crystals are believed to impart feminine energies and can symbolize the winter, night, earth, silence, moon, acceptance, softness, and valley. The best way to know if it is a Yin crystal is to check for the opacity of the stones, as all Yin crystals are opaque.


Sodalite is known to exude gentle feminine energy and is known to clear negative energies and is considered to be the stone of peace.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known to balance the heart chakra, emanating strong energies of the Mother’s love and the divine energy flow. Rose quartz healing crystals are for love and compassion, and it increases one's capacity of acceptance and increases vitality.

Green Aventurine

This crystal is mainly worn around the neck as it promotes financial independence by presenting excellent opportunities to increase their financial security in life.


This crystal is worn mostly to reduce stress and depression, by aligning to the higher chakras. This crystal is associated with the throat chakra and is believed to increase self-confidence and belief.

 Yang crystals

Yang crystals signify heat, sun, summer, mountain, hard, white, loud fire, sky, and resistance; yang crystals can be easily identified by the transparency of the gemstones or the crystals, full of potent power to improve lives.


This crystal activates the solar, crown and sacral chakras, and is good for people looking for authority and stability in their lives; it also reduces self-pity and arrogance which is achieved by the alignment of the chakras.


A masculine gemstone has incredible power to strike communication with the subconscious self; it activates the crown chakra, which can be felt while meditating with a diamond on, or pointed at the crown chakra. 


This stone is known to reduce the possibilities of misfortunes or miserable circumstances. It has to be programmed before bed and after waking up to the root or the base chakra to feel the positive impact of the stone. 


This powerful stone is used to harness the powers of authority, making the wearer feel empowered; the stone aligns with the throat chakra for improved confidence and a louder voice in life.

There are many benefits of wearing the right crystals to boost confidence, feel empowered and improve the quality of your life; whether it is with green aventurine healing stones or a diamond, crystals have healing powers and energy for balanced Yin and Yang, and thereby, for improved quality of life.


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