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Spiritual connectedness with the universe

by abhishek sharma on May 24, 2021

I was once told that there is a great difference between religion and spirituality. It did not click my mind at first thought though I understood with the time that we can have beliefs and not follow a religion; we can grow spiritually and not be religious. Connecting to ourselves is, in fact, what is integral for growing and developing spiritually. Sometimes finding a greater power provides you with a relief of transferring control of the things you are not in control of. This may sound scary because, believe it or not but with time, we are becoming more dominating and want to keep everything under our control. Nevertheless, taking off the burden of unnecessary responsibilities sets our minds free, and we can have a better outlook on life. Even that does not have to do anything with religion. You can connect with the power higher than you in many ways. Keeping religion aside and paving ways for spiritual development can open doors of contentment.

Try to connect with the universe in search of the higher power

To lead a balanced life and find long-term abstinence in life, one must find a link to become one with the universe. Uniting with the universe will ultimately connect you to a higher power, and you can let go of all your evils. But how to start it? Acquiring the right knowledge of where your link is broken will ultimately determine the beginning point.

Experience mindfulness

Without us realizing we have become slaves of our mind, surprisingly, it forms a loop, and our body bounds our mind. Our thoughts follow our routine, and we fail to experience the full potential of our minds. Experiencing mindfulness is a way of connecting to the universe. Divert your thoughts from everything that seems ordinary and think in ways you have never thought before. You will most likely hear some intuitive direction from your higher power.

Praying for gratification

If religious prayers feel repulsive, just pray for the beauty you are able to see around. Allow the negative chatter to leave your body and make it in space for positivities. Prayer is a way of returning and getting both. It can be in the form of any practice that helps you connect with the universe and, resultantly, your higher power. Saying thank you for all the good happening around, wishing good luck and health for someone, or simply seeking help when you feel helpless are some common means of praying. All these practices transfer control and bring in satisfaction.

A word from us

It is entirely personal how you connect to the universe, but it is important that you do. There are thousands of opportunities for those willing to restore their connection to the higher power. Surround yourself with nature to inhale naturistic energy. The beauties of nature make the existence of the greater power more undeniable and real.


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