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The altered state of mind

by abhishek sharma on May 22, 2021

The altered state of mind refers to a state of our consciousness marked by a chain of unusual thoughts. These thoughts are different from how we deal with things ordinarily. Like in our dreams, our thoughts often seem far from reality because they are not limited by logical reasoning. Our dreams are the best example of an altered state of mind. When our brain keeps on following a regular pattern of thoughts, we can never hit the pinnacle of our mind's potential. Many times during our lives, the ordinary level of our mind's potential feels insufficient, and we need to think differently, so we seek help. At other times our own body triggers us to think differently to find peace. The greater benefit of altered thoughts is that they let us see the world with a different and broader perception. In turn, this is an exercise that can prove fruitful in untangling the complexities of life.

What is an altered state of mind?

To understand the idea of an altered state of mind, we can take a simple example. A victim of depression consumes himself over getting rid of his distress, processes his grief, and tries to solve the issue with an ordinary state of mind, but all in vain. He visits a spiritual healer and discusses his problem. The healer suggests that he stop thinking about distress and think about moments of glee and anything that diverts his thoughts away from sadness. This is an intentional altering of thoughts. Such as during yogas or meditations, he is advised to think of what he actually likes about life and what makes him happy. This alters his recurring thoughts of feeling isolated and not being able to adjust to this world.

How to alter your consciousness?

To trigger an altered state of consciousness, we do not require much it's mostly natural, and in other cases, we can take help from spiritual healers. There are various ways adopted to alter a normal state of consciousness to alleviate your thinking potential or as a therapy for depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and feelings of self-insufficiency. These techniques may include various non-medicinal and medicinal methods used by healers in this regard. These altered states of consciousness are so powerful that they can lead to transformations. You can expect to have both positive as well as negative outcomes. In-clinic diversions are mainly focused on diverting your attention to something positive and delightful. Therefore if not solely alone, this practice is used as a part of therapies to fight depression and anxiety.


In a nutshell, our mind has all the abilities to heal ourselves. Thinking out of the box can be a great way of finding peace and contentment. Meditate, practice yoga, and seek professional help when necessary to unlock the full potential of your mind and stay healthy!


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