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by abhishek sharma on July 10, 2020

Everything is energy. Our surroundings, our environment is filled with immense energy. It depends on us how we tap that energy and the kind of energy we focus on more.  

Primarily, energy can be divided into two types — positive and negative. The positive energy provides healing, while negative energy creates disturbance and hindrance. Healing crystals are utilized to enhance the positive energy to keep the negative energy at bay and prevent it from affecting the energy of the home.  

Therefore, healing crystals find extensive purpose in feng shui with the single objective of filling your home with good and positive energy. These healing crystals add to the decoration of the home. They also help with good feng shui that enables protection and generates good vibrations at home or office. So, let us check out how healing crystals can be effectively used to create a good feng shui energy inside the home or office. 

Promote happy energy

Healing crystals play an essential role in radiating happy energy inside the home. They can help radiate immense positive energy with their proper use and placement inside the room. Rose quartz healing crystals are quite effective in radiating happiness and positive energy inside the home, especially in love and family relationships.  

Two heart-shaped rose quartz healing crystals, when properly kept in the feng shui southwest corner of the room or the house, radiate beautiful happy energy and passion in a relationship. A bowl full of rose quartz healing crystals is often kept at the appropriate feng shui corner in the bedroom to create a curve of love and passion. 

Centre and ground energy

Healing crystals can help centre and ground the scattered and distracted energy of an individual by radiating calm and peaceful energy inside the house. These healing crystals are especially useful to ground the scattered energy of the children and help them focus their energy on more productive and self-development activities. Such crystals can help the child focus their mind and energy on doing a particular task, rather than wasting their energy by scattering it around. 

Hematite is one such healing crystal that one can use if their child has difficulty concentrating and gets over-excited all the time. Multiple hematite crystal pieces will centre and ground the child’s energy, and help them calm down and use their energy in creativity and self-development activities. You can place the hematite crystals in the appropriate feng shui corner of your child’s room or the west feng shui corner of your house. Tumbled haematite healing crystals are mainly applied in feng shui for protection and centring and grounding energy. 

Protection for home

Feng shui healing crystals play a vital role in protecting your homes from outside unknown threats. They radiate strong positive energy and aura that helps dispel the harmful negative energy that threatens to disbalance the peaceful energy inside the home. Plus, they create a safe and peaceful environment at home.  

Feng shui crystals such as black tourmaline healing crystals, hematite and obsidian healing crystals are kept near the front door to take advantage of their strong protective qualities. Black tourmaline healing crystals or many tumbled hematite healing crystals can be kept inside or outside the front door in such a way that it should be easily visible as well as aesthetically pleasing for the person standing near the door. This helps dispel any negative energy that may be radiating from the person present at the door. And fill their aura with strong positive energy.  

For instance, you can keep big pots containing plants near the main door on both sides and place the healing crystals on the pot covering the topsoil or near the base of the pot.  

Create healing and absorb the negative energy

Healing crystals play an essential role in absorbing the negative energy in your house and replacing it with bountiful, positive healing energy. Such crystals are great in facilitating healing among individuals by constantly radiating calm and healing energy. You can keep them at the appropriate feng shui corner to attract the most healing energy emanating from the crystals onto yourself. 

Clear quartz healing crystals help absorb the negative energy present in your home environment and create an atmosphere of healing inside the house. Citrine and Blue Kyanite healing crystals can also be used to create healing. However, they don’t need cleansing because they never absorb any negative energy. Blue kyanite healing crystals can be used for stress relief, protection and relaxation. Citrine, on the other hand, is a classic crystal used to attract wealth. 

A sure way of maximizing the energy of clear quartz healing crystals is by keeping them with blue kyanite to strengthen the overall healing energy of the house.  

These healing crystals will wonderfully enhance and radiate the feng shui energy inside your home and office. If you are searching for the best healing crystals for your needs, then visit Healing Crystals India Today.


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