• Healing Crystals ~ Magical Antidotes from Womb of Mother Earth


by abhishek sharma on April 30, 2020

Chakras in the human body are the energy centres that become active after the person attains a pure control over the mind and totally submerges into a pure state of meditation. It is difficult for a normal person to define the state of body and mind when all the chakras in the body open and become active. The ancient Indian yogis have successfully activated the chakra Kundli to connect the mind to a pure state of focus.

Healing stones are the crystalline solids whose internal atomic geometry is so aligned that the form of energy that flows from them amplifies itself. A chakra healing bracelet is made up of such healing gemstones and helps in maintaining a balance between the seven chakras in the human body. These bracelets have been worn in India since ancient times and still have the same capture in today’s world.

Significance of a chakra healing bracelet

There are seven chakras in the human body named as Muladhara, Svadhishtana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, Sahasrara from bottom to top. The different seven stones in the bracelet are arranged in the same order to heal the particular chakra. As each individual stone has its own uniqueness because the energy processed by each one of them is unique; therefore, each chakra of the human body is healed accordingly. The energy flow through the body is refined by the help of the aura of the healing chakra bracelet. Every chakra is related to some organ of the human body, and thus each gemstone has a unique way of healing and keeping the chakra open. Buy chakra stones online for you and your family members so that the precise amount of energy can be properly channelized through the seven chakras.

Healing chakra stones and the human body

The human body is in constant conflict with the daily rush and the workload in urban society. Taking some time out to calm the senses is important. Stones like the black tourmaline chakra stone are able to surround the human body with great positive energy and can also provide many beneficial vibes to keep the body and mind relaxed. To let the chakras be open and for the continuous flow of positive energy, gemstones are required in the vicinity. This requirement again signs towards the basic geometry of the healing crystals. The seven chakras healing bracelet is best for the beginners as it helps in slowly opening the threshold for the flow on positive energy which in turn helps in opening the chakras slowly.

Wearing the seven chakras healing bracelet to open the door for the vital positive energy

Wearing the seven chakras healing bracelet on the left hand facilitates the controlled flow of constant pressure and heat in the body from the opposite side of the body. Healing crystals help in fighting negative emotions and also helps in keeping the negative energy suppressed. People fighting with alcoholism and other toxic habits are surely benefitted from the healing powers of the crystalline gemstones. Other problems in mind related to mind and thinking are certainly healed by the help of the precious crystalline gemstones. Chakras in the human body are able to activate the kundlis that show the ultimate truth of human existence and the gemstones are helpful in this attempt.


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