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Green Aventurine Pyramid Crystal
Green Aventurine Pyramid 1 Inches - Healing Crystals India

Green Aventurine Pyramid

Rs. 399.00 Rs. 999.00
    • Size: 1 Inches
    • This¬†Green Aventurine Pyramid is perfect for the meditation practitioner.¬†
    • This meditation stone is a beautiful addition to your meditation space or meditation room.
    • Get some Feng Shui in your life with this beautiful reiki stone. This chakra art has many uses and is the perfect gift for those who are into the healing energies of crystals.
    • ¬† Perfect as a meditation tool, this beautiful pyramid is used in chakra and reiki meditation practices.
    • ¬†This is a great gift for yourself, the person in your life who has an interest in crystal healing or pagan magic or even just as a good luck charm.¬† The possibilities with this beautiful meditation stone are many.